Office/ Retail


Office & retail mezzanines allow you to increase your office or sales area with the minimum disruption to your existing operation.

All McCanns office & retail mezzanines are designed to produce minimal deflection or ‘bounce’ under load and as such are the most rigid platforms produced in the UK today making them feel as solid as a concrete floor to office users or customers in your retail outlet.

McCanns also manufacture and fit fire protective column casings and fascia which together with a fire rated suspended ceiling will give your mezzanine a fully compliant and attractive fire rated finish to the underside.

If your particular requirements are not covered by any of the above categories of mezzanine, we will design and manufacture a structure to suit your needs. We have produced structures to accommodate activities as diverse as tool rooms, horticulture, pharmaceutical production and many more. we will be happy to discuss your project with you.


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