Cantilever Racking

McCanns manufactures a full range of Cantilever Racking with a choice of welded, bolted or quick release arms. All racks are designed to BS449 PT.1 1969 or BS5950.

Column Heights: Column heights of up to 10.0m are achievable. All racks are fully braced.

Arm Lengths: Arm lengths up to 4,000mm can be supplied with loading of up to 10,000kg per arm if required.

Welded Arms: Recommended where products are not likely to vary and a requirement to adjust arm positions will not be necessary. This is the most cost effective method and the quickest to install.

Bolted Adjustable Arms: Columns are pre-punched on a standard 150mm pitch. Other pitches are available on request. The arms are bolted to the column on site. Flexibility of use is the advantage with this system.

Quick Release Adjustable Arms: This system, developed by McCanns and for which patent protection has been applied, allows arms to be removed and re-sited using only a light hammer. The arms can be removed horizontally without disturbing the product on the arms above unlike other quick release systems on the market which require the arms to be tilted upwards at the front to facilitate removal and re-fitting.

With the Quick Release system arm loading is limited to 1,000kg UDL.

Accessories: Information and prices of the following accessories are available on request

  • guide rails
  • lateral bars to form shelf levels
  • column protectors
  • end stops
  • pallet support bars
  • fork entry bars
  • skid channels
  • rack end protectors
  • drum cradles

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